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Rainbow Calsilica Gemstone Sterling Silver Bracelet

Rainbow Calsilica Gemstone Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Rainbow Calsilica (or Calsilica) is an opaque gem with colorful stripes/layers of light and dark blue, green, yellow, orange, red, black and occasionally even pink. 6-9" with an adjustable toggle clasp. Weight : 253 Cts

Interesting FactRainbow Calsilica is a newly discovered multi-colored gemstone, this layered stone composed of calcium and silica from a mine in Chihuahua.

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Hillary M. - Dallas, Texas

Great quality and prices and done in a timely manner. Been using you for years and will continue to do so.

Kate W

Kathryn C. - Dallas, Texas

Ordering was easy and the products were of high quality and looked great! I would definitely order from you again!

Ruby G