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Tear-Shaped Malachite Gemstone Dangle Silver Earrings 1.5”

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Tear-Shaped Malachite Gemstone Dangle Silver Earrings 1.5”

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These are sterling silver earrings made with green-banded malachite showing a silky luster. Earring Dimensions: 1.4"

Interesting Fact: Malachite is one of the most ancient gemstones. Archeologists discovered the Egyptians mined malachite as early as 4,000 BC in the famous King Solomon's mines on the Red Sea. in the 18th century  enormous deposits of malachite were discovered in the Ural Region of Russian. Miners found the monolith of malachite weighing 2.7 tons and presented it to the empress of Russia Catherine the Great, who in her turn donated it to the Saint Petersburg Mining University.