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Glossy White Natural Conch Sea Shell 22 x 26mm Charm

Glossy White Natural Conch Sea Shell 22 x 26mm Charm

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This 22 x 26mm Glossy White Natural Conch Sea Shell charm is spiral-shaped and has painted 24k gold accents. Its elongated shape is pointed at one end and widens into a round opening at the other. Additionally, its pearly white inner side and glossy texture make it a visually striking and culturally significant marine artifact found in warm, tropical waters. It is also interesting to note that its spiral shape serves as protection for the creature living inside. Overall, this conch sea shell showcases the beauty and diversity of the ocean.

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Great quality and prices and done in a timely manner. Been using you for years and will continue to do so.

Kate W

Ordering was easy and the products were of high quality and looked great! I would definitely order from you again!

Ruby G