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Blue Geode Druzy Adjustable Gold Cigar Ring

Blue Geode Druzy Adjustable Gold Cigar Ring

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This gold adjustable cigar-band style ring showcases a stunning Blue Geode Druzy gemstone. Each ring is crafted by hand, following the natural shape of the geode stone, ensuring that no two rings are identical. This one-of-a-kind ring is adjustable, suitable for any finger. The fusion of the patterned gold band and the geode druzy results in a perfect balance of contemporary design and natural beauty, making this piece of jewelry truly exceptional.

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Hillary M. - Dallas, Texas

Great quality and prices and done in a timely manner. Been using you for years and will continue to do so.

Kate W

Kathryn C. - Dallas, Texas

Ordering was easy and the products were of high quality and looked great! I would definitely order from you again!

Ruby G