We delight in assisting our clients with a personal touch. Selecting just the perfect accessory to complete an outfit for a special occasion, a vacation or a gift for a friend is our specialty!

Every piece tells a story without a single word..a non-verbal way to bring others enjoyment. Each piece communicates love, thoughtfulness and of course...a personal style.



Many people may not realize the rich history and interesting symbolism of the bracelet. The Greek word brachile meant "of the arm" and has been modified over time to represent the word we know as we know it as bracelet, as well as the Latin word brachium, meaning "arm". There are many types of bracelets and throughout history have held significance in both secular and religious circles. Today, braclets have evolved into a fashion accessory and even hold a special meaning to the wearer. They may remind you of a special person in your life, a certian time in your life, a special occasion, and experience or a vacation.  A bracelet is an excellent accessory to enhance any outfit -- a wardrobe essential.