Why Does My Jewelry Tarnish?  IS IT ME?

Why Does My Jewelry Tarnish? IS IT ME?

Researchers have varying thoughts about why jewelry can tarnish. 

Maybe it is you!

1.) Research shows individual body chemistry might play a big part in how fast (and frequently) your jewelry becomes tarnished. Your pH balance may differ from your neighbor’s depending on a range of factors. What you eat, the medicines you take, how much you perspire, the way our body processes food, consumes beverages, the type of supplements we take and even the pollutants in the air all determine our pH balance. Unfortunately, it’s not an exact science, but hormonal and pH related differences can contribute to why some people’s jewelry tarnishes faster than others.

2.) Your beauty routine can play a role in tarnishing jewelry. Lotions, hair sprays, cosmetics and perfumes can cause a chemical reaction making jewelry become dull and dingy.

3.) Your daily routine can be the cause of your jewelry tarnishing. Introducing jewelry to certain substances can cause the surface of your jewelry to react. For example, leaving your jewelry on while taking a shower or swimming, washing the dishes, cleaning and working out are among many of the reasons for eroding and tarnishing.




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