Malachite - The Hypnotizing Ancient Gemstone

Malachite - The Hypnotizing Ancient Gemstone

When we wear this distinctive green gemstone jewelry, it is fascinating to know its origin. Malachite is one of the most hypnotizing gemstones, having drawn an allure of mystery for thousands of years. Like a mesmerizing beauty, it puts you under a spell the moment you lay eyes on it. Archeologists discovered the Egyptians mined Malachite as early as 3,000 BC, in the Sinai and eastern deserts. It was used in ornamental glazes, pigment on for wall painting, coloring of glass and eye paint (Cleopatra - Queen of the shades).

In the 18th century, enormous deposits of Malachite were discovered in the Ural Region of Russian. Miners found the monolith of malachite weighing 2.7 tons and presented it to the empress of Russia Catherine the Great, who in her turn donated it to the Saint Petersburg Mining University. The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg was a stately room with the centerpiece featuring the grand Malachite fireplace and an alley of columns along the the sides made completely of this special gemstone. This was the room where the bride's of Russia's Imperial family  were traditionally dressed before weddings. 

Wear Malachite and remember The Ancients!

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