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Purple - The "It" Color for Fall 2022

There is a 'purple craze' among top designers today.  All shades of purple were on display during Fashion Week in New York, as well as a favorite at London, Milan and Paris shows.  Purple is considered to be the "It" color this Fall 2022.

From pastels to dark, blue-tinted or pinkish hues, polished and earth-mined purple gemstones have been a popular choice among our clients this year. Amethyst, Sugilite, Druzy and Agates are among the gemstones being incorporated into their wardrobes. We suggest pairing purple with pink, blue, yellow, and even orange or adding green to the mix creates eye-catching styles. 

Fun Facts: Purple has been a timeless color dating back to the Ancient World where it was reserved for kings, queens and the "upper crust" of society. The Persian King Cyrus adopted a purple tunic as his royal uniform. Roman Emperors forbid citizens from wearing purple. This color was especially reserved in the Byzantine Empire for its rulers with their flowing purple robes. Edicts were even signed in purple ink and their children were described as being "born in the purple."


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